What Is Process?

Processes are abound in organisations.

Some processes will be high volume with a simple flow of execution, many are low volume with a complex flow of execution some are both high volume and complex.

From a technical perspective high volume organisation specific processes might reside in your line of business system.  Generic processes such as accounts payable might reside in a domain specific application. Remaining processes may lack a clear platform in which to reside.

Platforms that host processes well might be less effective at acting as a system of record for the output produced or generating insight into the data held.

 Why Review Your Processes?

  • Increase efficiency by executing processes efficiently.
  • Reduce cost by consolidating platforms.
  • Reduce risk by ensuring a good system of record.
  • Improve decision making by increasing visibility of process execution.

How Can SharePoint Help?

  • Implement processes within SharePoint.
  • Use SharePoint as a system of record.
  • Generate insight by integrating with other business systems.

How Can Ensentia Help?

Leverage our domain expertise and SharePoint technical expertise to ensure the success of your project.

Do You Want To Know More About Process?

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