What Is Migration?

Migration can be broadly defined as the transfer of data (usually documents) between two platforms.

More specifically SharePoint migration could be legacy to SharePoint (for example a legacy document management system into a modern SharePoint environment), version to version (for example SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2016) or host to host (for example an on-premises SharePoint system into Office 365) or even a mixture of these.

Migrations can be data only (Move all the documents / data from a legacy system into SharePoint so that you can access them) or functional (Moving the documents / data and the processes applied to them into SharePoint).

Migrations can be made of archive systems where the data is no longer being updated (more straightforward) or of live systems where the data is still being updated (less straightforward).

Migration Sources

Why Migrate?

  • Reduce cost by supporting fewer platforms.
  • Reduce risk by holding data in fully supported platforms.
  • Increase efficiency.

How Can SharePoint Help?

  • Appropriate destination platform for legacy document, web content and records management systems.
  • Reduce risk and cost (See SharePoint)
  • Leverage the SharePoint feature set.

How Can Ensentia Help?

Leverage our understanding of migration, experience of legacy systems and SharePoint technical expertise to ensure the success of your project.

Do You Want To Know More About Migration?

Please get in touch. Or alternatively read some of the articles listed below.

More On Migration
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Simple File Share Migration to SharePoint – Import - This article covers how and why to do a considered file share import to SharePoint.  Creating a folder structure, meta data, importing files with content types and why it is important to do this.
Simple File Share Migration to SharePoint – Preparation - This article looks at how to prepare a file share for migration to SharePoint. Any such migration is likely to include an element of data cleansing and this article demonstrates how such a familiar tool as Excel can be used to achieve this.
SharePoint PDF/A Adobe PDF/A, SharePoint, Records Management and Digital Images - The PDF/A standard provides reassurance when storing PDF for long periods of time. This is particularly relevant to scanned images stored in SharePoint for which PDF is the format of choice.