What Is An Intranet?

Broadly speaking an intranet is a web site or collection of web sites accessible only within an organisation.

Intranets tend to centre on a publishing site which is normally branded and focused on publishing widely consumed news and content.

Further sites may then exist to deliver departmental content, application sites, functional sites and collaboration areas.

Why have an Intranet?

  • Increase efficiency by delivering information which is easier to find and consume.
  • Increase efficiency by delivering processes and tools which are easy to adopt.
  • Reduce cost through thin client delivery.

How Can SharePoint Help?

  • Extensive feature set.
  • Extends to extranet and intranet delivery.
  • Integrates to your existing Microsoft platform.

How Can Ensentia Help?

Leverage our relevant domain expertise and SharePoint technical expertise to ensure the success of your intranet project.

Do You Want To Know More About Intranets?

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