What Is Capture?

Broadly speaking capture is the process of collecting information from another source and placing it into the content management system, in this instance SharePoint.

Normally that other source is paper and therefore the first stage of the capture process is scanning the paper to a digital image (document imaging).  Once held as a digital image Optical Character Recognition and Forms Recognition technologies can be applied to automate the extraction of useful data.

Capture as a term gained popularity because it encompassed the two activities of both scanning a document and automated data extraction.

SharePoint itself does not include a scanning and capture capability, however, most scanning and capture solutions will export to SharePoint.

Alternatively you may outsource the scanning and capture element to a bureau services provider which will alleviate the need to maintain the systems and manpower required to operate the service in-house.

Why Capture Documents To SharePoint?

  • Increase efficiency by processing digital records rather than handling paper.
  • Reduce risk by holding document and data in a medium that can be backed up (which paper cannot be).
  • Reduce storage and transportation costs.

How Can SharePoint Help?

  • Document Management feature set can be applied to scanned documents.
  • Records Management feature set can be applied to scanned documents.
  • Workflow features can be applied to scanned documents

How Can Ensentia Help?

Leverage our domain experience of capture and knowledge of SharePoint to ensure the success of your in-house capture project.

Leverage our import tools and expertise in SharePoint to ensure the success of your outsourced capture project.

Do You Want To Know More About Capture?

Please get in touch. Or alternatively read some of the articles listed below.

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